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main[fix] Make commands not care about formattingAlexis Hovorka11 months
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2021-02-07[fix] Make commands not care about formattingHEADmainAlexis Hovorka
2021-02-07[fix] Remove extraneous whitespace from items tableAlexis Hovorka
2021-02-06[feat] Misc finishing touches, ready for useAlexis Hovorka
2020-12-29[feat] Make gatcha try not to give duplicate itemsAlexis Hovorka
2020-12-15[feat] Make coinfinder configurable, limitableAlexis Hovorka
2020-12-15[feat] Add inventory tracking and manipulationAlexis Hovorka
2020-12-15[style] Change profile imageAlexis Hovorka
2020-12-14[feat] Add most of inventory tracking systemAlexis Hovorka
2020-12-13[refactor] Clean up leftover functions, etc.Alexis Hovorka
2020-12-13Initial commitAlexis Hovorka