blog.gitThe blog of a wandering amateur 21 months
bootstrap-node.gitBasic files to bootstrap a Node.js web app 3 years
bootstrap-pwa.gitBasic files to bootstrap development of a new PWA 3 years
dotfiles.gitMy dotfiles 11 months
node-dotkey.gitTrackpad gesture keyboard based on 3 years
nomicvote.gitSimple voting system for a couch game of Nomic 4 years
notes-web.gitZettelkasten-inspired note taking web app 5 months
risc.git16-bit RISC CPU/SOC in Verilog with self-hosting software infrastructure 19 months
vanguard.gitTwine-ish nonlinear storytelling engine 4 years
verilog-spi.gitMy attempt at a Verilog SPI controller module 21 months
wordly.gitQuick PWA clone of Wordle 2 years
zeno-setup.gitSetup guide for RasPi Zeno autoconnect platform 4 years