batcher.gitAndroid notification batcher to reduce distracting interruptions 6 months
bible.gitInterlinear Japanese/English Bible Web App 4 years
dotfiles.gitMy dotfiles 2 weeks
gatchabot.gitGatchapon bot for Discord RPGs 4 months
node-dotkey.gitTrackpad gesture keyboard based on 5 weeks
nomicvote.gitSimple voting system for a couch game of Nomic 8 months
notes-web.gitMy personal zettelkasten-inspired notes PWA 4 months
shit.gitOffline-enabled PWA clone of 5 months
tama.gitBuJo-inspired notebook PWA with Google Drive backend 4 months
vanguard.gitTwine-ish nonlinear storytelling engine 13 months
zeno-setup.gitSetup guide for RasPi Zeno autoconnect platform 6 months