BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
main[feat] Add GitHub SSH aliasesAlexis Hovorka10 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 days[feat] Add GitHub SSH aliasesHEADmainAlexis Hovorka
2022-01-01[fix] Prevent zsh from "correcting" to ".ssh"Alexis Hovorka
2021-12-29[feat] Add new words to vim dictionaryAlexis Hovorka
2021-12-29[revert] Comment "auto new window" tmux shortcutAlexis Hovorka
2021-09-17[feat] Add prefix indicator to termux statusAlexis Hovorka
2021-07-20[feat] Add prompt symbols for suspended jobsAlexis Hovorka
2021-07-04[style] Tone down lscolorsAlexis Hovorka
2021-07-04[feat] Add zsh .... path expansionAlexis Hovorka
2021-07-04[feat] Create new tmux window on ^A-n instead of loopingAlexis Hovorka
2021-07-04[feat] Add marker for zoomed pane in tmuxAlexis Hovorka